Silent Disco

Silent Disco

Back by popular demand!

The Soundscape Festival was the first and only festival to bring the Silent Disco to the Apple Isle and it’s back!

It’s rumoured to have kicked off by those crazy Dutch!  Since then it has been a regular feature at Glastonbury, Future Music, festivals the world over and the Soundscape Festival!

You’ve got 2 DJs and 1 Set of Headphones. You decide. One of the toughest decisions you’ll ever make.

Purple Sneaker DJs
Tyler Touche
Lewi McKirdy
Mitzi DJs

DJ Grotesque, Akouo, Adam Turner, Simon Lovell, Lids, DVEY, Charly Venn, Kenny Beeper, Wax Docta West, Clara Fantini, Frequency DJs, Recreational Thugs DJs, Paperthin DJs and Special Guests.

Friday & Saturday November 16 & 17, 2012