Missy Higgins (Sat)

Missy Higgins (Sat)
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After selling million of albums with “The Sound Of White” (2004) and “On A Clear Night” (2007) and touring the world performing her much-loved songs like ”Scar”, “Steer”, “The Special Two” and ”Where I Stood” Missy privately made the decision to turn her back on music and do something else.

Plenty of artists give lip service to packing it in but Missy actually walked the walk. What’s more, she did it without telling the public. There were no farewell tours, no press releases. Instead she just quietly gave the music biz types around her a ‘Don’t call me, I’ll call you’ chat and got on with living a new life.

Jump cut to three years later, and her new album “The Ol’ Razzle Dazzle” tells the unvarnished story of that journey. While her previous albums leant heavily on her personal relationships, this album delves deep into Missy’s relationship with making music. And as the tongue-firmly-in-cheek title implies, it’s been a tumultuous affair.

Performing Saturday November 17, 2012