Bluejuice (Sat)

Bluejuice (Sat)
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Coming out of Sydney, Bluejuice’s infectious brand of rock ‘n’ roll and energetic live performances has them known as one of the funnest live shows you’ll ever see.

It all stems back to 2007 with the release of their debut record Problems that featured the critically acclaimed and well-received Vitriol.  Not to disappoint the follow up record Head of the Hawk featured massive hit Broken Leg and the eternally funky (Ain’t) Telling the Truth No More.  And of course their latest release, Company, which takes them in to a whole new world of infectious pop-rock sounds.

Their live show is nothing less than FUN!  It’s almost archaic in all the good ways!  If you lose all inhibitions and the urge to dance is too much to resist, don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural…it’s Bluejuice

Performing Saturday November 17, 2012